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Image by christian buehner

The Hobbyist

     The passion of cars came from my Dad and Uncle. Sitting around listening to the stories they had of building engines;  racing in mud trucks, boats, etc. I received my first vehicle at 15 years of age; I still have this vehicle to this day years later. I have picked up on many things over the years from working on this truck.  

     I went to a technical college in North Carolina and received degrees in the varies different parts of Automotive vehicles. I used these degrees to obtain a job in Atlanta Ga in a Rick Hendricks Dealership where I worked for almost 2 years before moving back home to my family.  

     Back home I started a family of my own 1 girl, 1 boy, and moved on to the railroad industry and obtained a conductor and a locomotive engineering license. Yes, the engineer "Drives" the train and the conductor yells, "All Aboard!"  Working with freight though I never actually looked like Tom Hanks from the Polar Express. After 12 years of Railroading and a failed marriage I started to look for new adventures and a new path. 

     I found a new love in my life and her children, We are now a family of 7, 2 dogs, 1 cat. Yikes, is right. I stay at home for now and have now found my fingers to the keyboard of this computer. 

     This is where my path has led me to you; to your eyes and ears. I want to be a voice of the enthusiast world. Speaking the stories and the knowledge that has been passed down to you and I. I want this to be an educational experience as well as a time capsule of knowledge from the great technician who didn't have all the vast electronics and gizmos we have today.  

Thank you for your time and any effort made to better our page and may God bless you and your family. 

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